Business Instinct with Kutlwano Founder of Moja Cafe

Meet Kutlwano founder of  Moja Cafe, Orlando East. Listen to his journey to success and what inspired his entrepreneurial foodie move.

Business Instinct is a weekly look into the minds behind successful business ideas. Check in every Wednesday for a new episode of Business Instinct, where David chats to different business people about their journey to success. Get inspired, get informed, and get entertained as we talk to the best in business. Business Instinct is brought to you by ABSA Business Banking. Do better business. Prosper.

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Meet Tshepo Mokholo, the managing director at Brima Logistics. Listen Tshepo’s story about his journey to success.

The new advertising campaign from Absa Business Banking is designed to inspire current and prospective clients to act on their ‘Business Instinct’.

Absa Business Banking understands that business-people are smart and get things done. They have an intrinsic knack for knowing how to run a business, how to spot an opportunity and how to act under pressure.

Businessmen and women go with their gut. They have a thing called… ‘Business Instinct’.

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The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield

A wrap-up of the day’s business news as well as insight into trends and expert advice on all things money-related.

Award winning financial journalist Bruce Whitfield hosts The Money Show each weeknight on 702 and CapeTalk, offering a wrap-up of the day’s business news as well as insight into trends and expert advice on all things money-related..

Bruce interviews blue chip company CEOs as well as entrepreneurs whose businesses are both inspiring and helping shape a better South Africa.

A variety of expert contributors and regular features pepper the show, all designed to help audiences make sense of money, from personal finance to markets and big economic matters.

Follow Bruce on twitter @brucebusiness

Bruce Whitfield is the host of 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk’s The Money Show.

The producers of The Money Show are Cecile Basson – [email protected] and Thekiso Lefifi – [email protected]

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On Your Marks For 2018: Is The Lean Startup Approach Legit?

In the first full African Tech Roundup podcast of 2018, Andile Masuku mulls over Gefira SolutionsFounder and CEO Bert Bruggeman‘s assertion that we can’t just “app our way” to solving all of Africa’s problems. Click here to listen to Andile’s full conversation with Bert.

Then, he ponders which hybrid investment approaches might prove successful in fueling African startups in 2018, and echoes the questions posed by Seyi Fabode’s blog post entitled: “Is It Time To Dump The ‘Lean Startup’ Approach?”

Also, in this episode, Andile gives a quick update on the #NotOurManifesto dumpster fire that Co-Creation Hub Nigeria Co-founder Femi Longe lit late last year and shares some encouraging news regarding the initiative that was subsequently launched. In case you’re not familiar with this whole fiasco, here’s the low-down.

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