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The last Brunch+ was the start of new and great things, the aim is to give our guests a totally different experience using music,food and drink. here is how it works; after booking your ticket there are simple steps to follow…

Our Menus

the variety of menu items on our menus are complemented by the cocktails designed with the food in mind. Food and drinks goes well together, always. Thanks to GreyGoose and Martini Prosecco as our brands of choice at last month’s Brunch+. Their cocktails are easy to make while you are at home enjoying your chilled weekends.

Transitioning from summer to autumn our deserts are mouthwatering, simple and easy to make chocolate pancakes. Not forgetting bottomless Greygoose cocktails on the day.
So, save the date for the next Brunch +  to be held on Sunday, 24 June 2018 at SSHydePark.

One last thing

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