Interesting data from THUDjozi rsvp’s

So when you want to attend THUD entrepreneur networking sessions, we ask a bunch of questions monthly… here’s some really interesting data insights you might wanna glean over… i love the fact that 25-35 is the predominant age group… usually they’re educated with a degree and are restless in corporate wanting to start or already running a side hustle. Also 80% want to travel the continent of Africa in search for new business opportunities. It’s worrying though that over 70% have not received financial literacy training in their businesses… maybe the high failure rate paints a sober picture?

There’s much more… the point is we use this data to know what to introduce for impact. That’s part of the reason The People’s Fund exists. We realized that #crowdfunding was not foreign and that stokvels in South Africa have the power to change the narrative if we use a portion to invest in small businesses.

What other insights are interested in from entrepreneurs attending our events?

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