Sending a parcel? Don’t Courier; Just Rush IT!

Rush is an online courier service. It is accessed via web or app and allows users to compare courier prices, book a collection/delivery and pay using various methods. All in real time!
Rush is South Africa’s 1st Pre-paid online courier service. It is accessed via the web or mobile app. It allows users to compare courier prices, book a collection/delivery and pay using any bank card, eft or wallet. All in real time!

Launched in 2015, RUSH revolutionised the courier space by creating an on demand solution for the collection, delivery and tracking of parcels. Since then, RUSH has developed into an online marketplace for consumers, SME’s and corporates to procure courier services.

The glaring need for companies or consumers to move documents or products across the country without the hassle of courier accounts, payment issues and driver availability created the  biggest opportunity for Rush. As the MD, Mr Serema Tshesane explains “Courier companies were not geared to service the prepaid market, via our platform both couriers and customers both benefit from Rush. The couriers receive additional volume and customers get massively discounted shipping rates, all with the click of a button” Courier companies are typically not flexible enough to respond to an on-demand service as they have set pick up and delivery times. Rush manages this by using multiple couriers on a single platform. This gives users the freedom of choice. Choice of price, choice of courier and choice of service type.Ultimately its about three things choice, convenience and cost says Mr  Tshesane Serema aka Mr Rush

Competitive bidding is nothing new in the online space but what Rush does is take the experience to the next level by enabling buyers of courier services to immediately book and pay for the chosen service.

Rush solves two main problems:

  1. Moving parcels/documents that are not in the same location as the sender
  2. Financial control of knowing upfront what these costs are instead of post consumption of service leading to Bill Shock.

It aims to become the world’s leading logistics provider without vans, trucks, planes or warehouses. The solution is for private as well as commercial customers who are looking to book a delivery service online in a simple and straightforward manner. On the Rush platform users are exposed to a bang-for-buck booking portal that always provides the best available rates from a multitude of couriers companies. This is the key differentiator of Rush versus other online courier services. Rush aggregates courier services, accelerates real-time quotes and activates customers’ power of choice!. Rush has an e-commerce plugin that uses a freely available API that e-tailers can easily integrate into their own web backend. This will enable an automated delivery process when online shoppers checkout on the e-tailer’s website .

RUSH is more than a delivery service technology. It runs a least-cost routing algorithm to determine the best courier per requested delivery destination. The system defaults to the best rate per courier and displays this information in seconds.This means users will always be sure that the rate quoted is the most efficient and least expensive

The platform allows customers to perform basic errands such as picking up a forgotten laptop at home to complex tasks like returning multiple products to different chain stores.

If you need to a send a document or a parcel, RUSH is ideal as a personal courier service that is exceptionally fast and extremely cost effective. The RUSH courier network is comprised of a partnership of top tier courier companies that are highly experienced and well resourced. These are the top 20 courier companies in South Africa who have highly sophisticated sorting facilities and warehouses all over Southern Africa. Rush then leverages on the strength and logistical footprint of these companies to enable a door to door delivery service for its user all over South Africa.

Rush has 3 products.

  1. Rush Business for SME’s & Consumers
  2. Rush Corporate for large multinationals
  3. Rush E-commerce for E-tailers

The Rush app will also be launching 1st June 2018 which will increase productivity in mobility.

The customer journey is very simple, seamless and stressfree. Registration on the platform is free and a customer creates a profile using an email address and password. Once the account is activated users can start booking collection and delivery of parcels. Payment for the orders is facilitated by either Visa/Master card, Instant EFT or a pre-paid wallet system where you can upload cash and use it for shipment.

Once a shipment is booked, both the sender and receiver can track the parcel via web and app. Users are also informed via sms of both collection and delivery.

Rush is the pinnacle of online courier services. It is like having a personal courier in your pocket.

Check Rush out at

Contact Rush:

Tel:- 087 820 1748
Cel:- 073 294 3998

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