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How to overcome the many constraints, entrepreneurs have.

Entrepreneurship is by far one of the toughest paths to choose, whether dealing with cashflow issues, getting the right customer to buy your product or services, building the correct team around your business or to finding the best platform or systems to help manage your business.

It certainly is not an easy choice as you juggle all these elements whilst trying to make a living.

Enter mySME Techologies, a SME focused platform that has been testing a number of initiatives that seek to answer a few of those major challenges that entrepreneurs have, such as:

  • Access to Market Opportunities;
  • Access to a Community of Entrepreneurs;
  • Access to Workspace; and
  • Access to Finance.

The mySME Technologies team have developed the mySME platform , a platform that seeks to combine their current initiatives and answer the challenges and constraints that every entrepreneur faces.

The initial flagship platform within the mySME broader platform is mySME tools. This business management platform solves the problem of between entrepreneurs and banks or other funders, where the latter usually requires a range of data to make formal credit available to the entrepreneur. The list of requirements typically includes credit history, collateral, business plan and financial, amongst many other things, mySME Tools assists with thishence better access to finance.

The mySME Tools also provides you with business resources (templates, fact sheets, policies, checklists, how-to-videos) all with the goal of giving the entrepreneurs all the information required to be informed and knowledge about how to structure and build their business mySME Tools assists with thishence better access to information and knowledge.

As part of providing a broader offering the mySME Tools platform team decided to provide better access to markets as a key component of the platform, because without sales or the opportunity to sell, the entrepreneur’s business is virtually non-existent. The entrepreneur here is assisted in 2-ways here, (i) find a supplier directory search within mySME Tools platform and (ii) a preferred listing on mySME Procure –a Corporate-to-SME e-procurement platform linked to mySME Tools.

Lastly, the belief that entrepreneurship being a lonely road is sadly true, often because even family and friends won’t understand the entrepreneur’s ongoing trials and tribulations. mySME Tools provides access for all entrepreneurs that are registered on mySME to their partner’s network, such as The Hook Up Dinners ,Ekasi Entrepreneurship Movement, the Matt Brown Show, amongst many others.

And lastly through mySME Space, also part of the broader mySME platform, start-ups, founders and entrepreneurs can find available co-workspace, shared office space or incubation space and connect with other entrepreneurs.

So ultimately, the role of the mySME platform is about creating systems and partnerships that enhance the mySME brand’s role – as a catalyst of trade and doing business for entrepreneurs and start-ups. This is the mySME brand’s commitment to simplify and transform the lives of entrepreneurs and enabling their progress in business.

EntBanc group CEO Vuyo Tofile, comments on the announcement of this launch of mySME platform: “Micro, small and medium sized businesses are the economic backbone of all communities around the world, and so for entrepreneurs platform can be a great partner in helping these entrepreneurs build their dreams, their vision and their business”

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