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Fry’s: You don’t become something big by winging it

“There’s a process for how you walk into my factory – and if you walk in the wrong way, I’m going to [figuratively] klap you for it, because that system is there for a reason. It has its foundation in the mistakes that we’ve made and the solutions we’ve found to challenges.” – Wally Fry

Wally & Debbie Fry, founders of vegetarian food company Fry’s Family, that went from missing meat and a home kitchen to shipping over 6 000 tonnes (or 27 vegan products) to 20 countries every year.

Wally Fry never intended on becoming an entrepreneur. He’d given up meat and missed it, so he tinkered in his kitchen to create a convincing meat alternative for him and his family. Having started the company running absolutely every function from manufacturing, to finance, to marketing himself, he knew that systems and processes were the only way the business would be able to scale and free up his time to focus on strategy and growing the business. He gave up control of each function incrementally, and only once he was happy he’d put in the right person with the right skills and training to run things the way he believed they should be run. It’s being this kind of stickler for detail, system and process that has seen the brand gain all the right food health and safety stamps, and accreditations as it’s grown that has allowed the products to find their way into the fridges of major South African retailers, and international markets.

Source: Entrepreneur Magazine 

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